En Plein Air

Aaron Tucker, an established working artist, moved to Asheville inthe 1990s from Charlotte, North Carolina. Growing up under theinfluence of an artistic father, Tucker embarked on his creativejourney from a tender age, delving into the world of paint. His passion for painting led him to pursue a formal education in thearts, studying painting at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana.

With over three decades of artistic practice, Tucker's unique style has evolved into a vibrant, colorful, and playful approach, infused with a subtle melancholic undertone. His artworks resonate with a profound sense of emotion and capture the complexities of the human experience In the past year, Aaron Tucker has undertaken a dedicated exploration of the local natural surroundings. Immersing himself in hikes and adventures throughout the area, he finds inspiration in the beauty of nature and translates these experiences into captivating paintings on handmade paper. Working swiftly and predominantly utilizing gouache and oil paint, Tucker brings to life the essence of the landscapes he encounters, imbuing hisartwork with a sense of spontaneity and vitality.

Tucker's artistic practice reflects his deep connection with the natural world, resulting in a body of work that beautifully captures the fleeting moments and unique character of the local environment. His paintings become windows into vibrant and transformative experiences, inviting viewers to engage with theintricate interplay of light, color, and texture.

Tuesday Oct 5 2021

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